Euro-SPC Flooring: It's That Good?

Many consumers might have heard of SPC flooring when decorating, but many might not know much about it. SPC flooring is actually a new type of flooring, also known as stone plastic flooring. It is not the same as PVC flooring. Especially Cosyhome Euro SPC flooring, the performance is far superior to the general SPC flooring.

Euro SPC Flooring Is Healthy and Formaldehyde-Free

Euro SPC flooring uses high-quality calcium powder as the raw material, forming sheets through integrated plasticization, and then undergoing four-roll calendering thermal lamination with high-grade color film layer and wear-resistant layer. The entire process is formaldehyde-free, making it a truly zero-formaldehyde flooring, a model of green and healthy home furnishings! At the same time, this flooring material has the characteristic of being recyclable, which is of great significance for protecting the earth's natural and ecological resources.

Euro SPC Flooring Is Waterproof and Moisture-Proof

Euro SPC flooring uses calcium powder as the main raw material, primarily composed of calcium carbonate, which is insoluble in water. This guarantees the flooring's excellent waterproof performance, making it resistant to mold and suitable for humid environments like kitchens and bathrooms, achieving full-house coverage.

Euro SPC Flooring Is Wear-Resistant and Scratch-Resistant

Euro SPC flooring has a high-tech transparent wear-resistant layer on the surface, with a wear resistance of around 16,000 revolutions or even higher. This provides the flooring with superior wear resistance, impact resistance, scratch resistance, and deformation resistance, with a lifespan of over 20 years.

Euro SPC Flooring Is Fireproof and Flame-Retardant

According to statistics, 95% of victims in fires are killed by toxic smoke and gases produced by burning. Cosyhome Green Crystal series flooring has a fire rating of B1, second only to stone. It is flame-retardant and does not self-ignite, automatically extinguishing within 5 seconds after leaving the fire source without producing toxic and harmful gases.

Euro SPC Flooring Is Sound-Absorbing and Noise-Reducing

Euro SPC flooring has a bottom layer attached with specially treated high-molecular soundproof material, which can absorb up to 20 decibels of sound, a feature unmatched by other ordinary materials. This makes it more suitable for quiet environments such as hospital wards, school libraries, auditoriums, and theaters.

Euro SPC Flooring Is Feat-Conductive and Warm

Euro SPC flooring has a calcium powder base, similar to mineral rocks, providing good thermal conductivity and heat stability. It is suitable for use in geothermal environments. While releasing heat, it does not release any harmful gases as it is formaldehyde-free. The wear-resistant surface layer also ensures effective insulation, making it more energy-efficient.

Euro SPC Flooring Comes in Various Patterns

Euro SPC flooring offers a variety of patterns, such as carpet patterns, stone patterns, and wood grain patterns, and can even be customized. Through high-precision technology, the patterns are realistic and beautiful, accompanied by a wide selection of accessories and decorative strips, creating stunning decorative effects. It is especially suitable for personalized commercial spaces and office environments.

Euro SPC Flooring Is Quick to Install

Euro SPC flooring uses advanced click-lock technology, allowing for seamless assembly without leaving any hygiene dead angles. The glue-free installation is also more environmentally friendly. No special treatment is required for the ground before laying the flooring; it can be installed directly after leveling. Notably, it can be laid directly over existing tiles or flooring without removing the old material, making it ideal for renovations.

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