3.8mm SPC Flooring

3.8mm SPC Flooring

The 3.8mm thick planks consists of 3.5mm hybrid stone composite core with 0.3mm wear layer. Realistic Timber Visuals, On-Trend Colors and Textures with Water-Bassed Matte Coating. 25 Years Limited Structural Warranty. 20 Years Limited Residential Wear Warranty. 5 Years Limited Commercial Warranty.

Types of 3.8mm SPC Flooring

Can You Put Underlay on the Back of the Boards of 3.8mm SPC Flooring?

Yes, we can.  Underlay is often used to provide additional cushioning, sound insulation, and moisture resistance. However, it is important to note that SPC flooring is already designed to be rigid and stable, so the need for underlay may vary depending on the specific installation requirements and preferences. It is recommended to consult the guidelines and installation instructions to determine if underlay is necessary or recommended for the specific SPC flooring product being used.

Will the Underlay Do Harm to the Joints of Boards After Installation of 3.8mm SPC Flooring?

No, it won't. We will use reinforced underlay, which is strong enough to support the boards.

Will the Underlay Do Harm to the Joints of Boards After Installation of 3.8mm SPC Flooring?
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