Saw Mark SPC Flooring

SPC Saw Mark Flooring

Saw marks on SPC flooring are distinctive patterns or impressions created by saw blades during the wood's cutting or milling process. These saw mark flooring features can be either deliberate or accidental, adding a unique rustic charm to the flooring and enhancing its visual appeal.

Types of SPC Saw Mark Flooring for Sale

Common Types of SPC Saw Mark Flooring

Circular Saw Mark Flooring: These are left by circular saw blades and appear as curved or circular patterns on the wood surface. They can add character and a distinctive look to the flooring.

Band Saw Mark Flooring: Band saws can leave linear or wavy marks on the wood, depending on the blade and cutting technique. These marks might follow the wood grain, creating a textured and visually interesting surface.

Ripsaw Saw Mark Flooring: Ripsaw marks are caused by cutting along the length of the wood, leaving long straight lines or patterns. They can contribute to a more rustic or reclaimed look.

Common Types of SPC Saw Mark Flooring
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Cosyhome SPC Flooring Manufacturer-Your SPC Flooring Expert
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