Saw Mark SPC Flooring

Saw Mark SPC Flooring

Saw marks on SPC flooring refer to intentional or unintentional marks or patterns left by saw blades during the cutting or milling process of the wood. These marks can contribute to the aesthetic appeal of the flooring, giving it a unique and rustic appearance.

Types of Saw Mark SPC Flooring

Common Types of Saw Mark SPC Flooring

Circular Saw Marks: These are left by circular saw blades and appear as curved or circular patterns on the wood surface. They can add character and a distinctive look to the flooring.

Band Saw Marks: Band saws can leave linear or wavy marks on the wood, depending on the blade and cutting technique. These marks might follow the wood grain, creating a textured and visually interesting surface.

Ripsaw Marks: Ripsaw marks are caused by cutting along the length of the wood, leaving long straight lines or patterns. They can contribute to a more rustic or reclaimed look.

Common Types of Saw Mark SPC Flooring
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